Carolyn Pinto - Arboreal Chair

"Bridal Wreath Spirea" - Corner of Clove Road & West Raleigh Street
This bush is so elegant and so outstanding it should "standalone" to really appreciate its fabulous flowing form.  Grows in full sun and does very well in Staten Island soil.

"Deciduous Azalea" is a small tree like bush and is outstanding due to its blooms coming in bright orange and bright yellow.  Also comes in other colors but mostly orange and yellow for uniqueness.  The word "deciduous" means loses it leaves in winter but that's okay because it makes up for that in the Spring!

"Rhododendrons" - Two in front of vintage home on corner of 10th Street and Rose Avenue.  
Are at least 50 years old and in a rare deep magenta color.  The shape of the bloom is panicle.
Great as a "standalone" because they are reliable bloomers and their blooms are large and eye-catching!

"Japanese Maple" - Some of these small ornamental trees are very pricey but well worth the money.  Displays different hues of red and because it is low growing, you can really enjoy its beauty.  Also is "deciduous" as loses its leaves in the winter.

"Cherry Laurel" - An evergreen therefore making it a good privacy shrub as it can also grow to six feet high and three feet wide.  Makes a white fuzzy flower early spring.

"Camellias" - Can take part shade and yet you can enjoy beautiful rose like blooms that you would expect to grow in full sun.  Another feature is it is an evergreen therefore making it a good privacy shrub.  If you do not prune them down, can grow to six feet high and three feet wide.

"American Hawthorne" - is a small tree.  In winter it produces a red berry that gives the tree a red misty glow.  Small tree, beautiful early spring bloom and a winter interest.